In this section, the organised figures (figure tables) for MJO diagnostics are given.
  Used data sets are described below. Each diagnostics level (e.g. Level 1) is linked in the left menu.

  Used data set (period)

  - Daily Data : AVHRR OLR (01Jan1979-31Dec2005)
                       TRMM - 3B42 (01Jan1998-31Dec2005)
                       GPCP (01Jan1997-31Dec2005)
                       NCEP1, NCEP2 (01Jan1979-31Dec2005)
                       ERA40 (01Jan1979-31Dec2001)
  - Pentad data : CMAP (01Jan1979-31Dec2004)
  - Monthly data : AVHRR OLR (Jan1979-Dec2005)
                       TRMM - 3B42 (Jan1998-Dec2005)
                       GPCP (Jan1979-Dec2005)
                       NCEP1, NCEP2 (Jan1979-Dec2005)
                       ERA40 (Jan1979-Dec2001)
                       CMAP (Jan1979-Dec2005)
  - Horizontal resolution : 2.5x2.5 (except for TRMM - 1x1)
  - Domain : 30N-30S, except for EOF analysis of 850hPa wind (20N-20S)